About Cheap Video Game Rental

About Cheap Video Game Rental

Who created Cheap Video Game Rental?

Cheap Video Game Rental was created by a talented group of software developers in San Diego, California.

What does Cheap Video Game Rental do?


At Cheap Video Game Rental, we understand that as much as we love gaming, our hobby doesn't come cheap. Back in the day, we'd have to get our butts off the couch and into a video store to rent a game before committing to a purchase. These days all the information is right at our fingertips. So much information, in fact, that what used to be the simple task of grabbing a game off the shelf, now requires   the strategy of thumbing through pages of reviews and spending hours comparing prices. With all the button-mashing you'll be doing later, it's high time to give those thumbs a rest and leave the search to Cheap Video Game Rental. 


Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive video game shopping source we can deliver to help you buy or rent the best video games for the best prices. Whether you're a true gamer or are looking to learn more about the video game industry, we hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks for stopping by Cheap Video Game Rental! Game on.


We'd like to hear from you

We'd love to hear your feedback about whether you think we're accomplishing our goals. If you have any suggestions that could make Cheap Video Game Rental easier to use or more useful, please let us know. Please contact us at:

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