Cheap Video Games for All Your Favorite Game Consoles

Cheap Video Games for All Your Favorite Game Consoles

Posted 07.13.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

Although the glitz and glamour of some of the hot new video game titles may seem enticing, they may not look so great once you notice the price tag. Thankfully, there are hundreds of games available for your Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and Playstation console that may be more within your budget and just as fun. Here are just a few of the games you may or may not know that will provide hours of entertainment and thousands of pennies saved.

For the Nintendo Wii, “Metal Slug Anthology” is sure to provide hours of gun-toting, grenade-launching, shoot-em up fun. In 2006, an anthology of the classic arcade game was released to celebrate its 10th anniversary, combining all seven of its major franchise titles all in one glorious bundle. The 2D art is brilliant and the seven-game package allows you to see the progression of each successive title. You can find “Metal Slug Anthology” online at or at your nearest GameStop for no more than 10 bucks. 

Another great bundle for the Nintendo Wii is Sega's “The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return.” While you're out hunting for bargains, why not hunt some zombies? The beauty of this title is the clever use of the wii remote, turning your controller into a dual-wielding gun as you blast your way through two of these classic first-person shooters. You can find this title pre-owned at GameStop for 20 bucks or brand-new online for the same price.

Playstation 3 owners would be remiss to overlook “Dead Space.” This psychological thriller was universally praised upon its debut in 2008, selling 1 million copies across three platforms. On a routine mission to repair a mining ship in the bowels of deep space, engineer Isaac Clarke finds out the hard way that the entire crew had been wiped out by a plague of aliens unlike you've ever seen. The game that was rated 8.7 out of 10 by IGN, and 5 out of 5 by GamePro, can now be found for as low as $20, a third of the cost when it was first released.

For a game less terrifying than the previous titles but just as entertaining and addictive, “Viva Pinata” for the Xbox 360 is just the ticket (unless of course you have a phobia for candy-filled paper-mache). In the spirit of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, the player must maintain their own plot of land in hopes of attracting more and more pinata friends. Sounds silly to be sure, but the game developed by Rare (of GoldenEye and Donkey Kong Country fame) has won audiences the world over, child and adult alike, through eye-popping visual style and unique gameplay. Originally sold for $50.00, you can now find the original “Viva Pinata” for as low as ten bucks pre-owned.

Another great way to play hard and still save big is by dusting off those lower generation consoles. Critically-acclaimed titles you can get for no more than five bucks include “Viewtiful Joe” for the Nintendo Game Cube, “Elite Beat Agents” for the Nintendo DS, and “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” for Playstation 2.

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Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 08:35:40
other way to get cheap games.... GAMESTOP!!!! i trade in old games all the time to get new ones.... sometimes i regret it though... wish i still had WaveRace and Mario64

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